At Dance with Jodie we offer Ballet and Tap classes to a wide variety of age groups. We aim to build each students confidence, strive to help students teachnique from head to toe and focus on love, care and laughter whilst building friendships within the studio. 

Primary is aged at 4/5-6 year olds. This class helps to build confidence in each individual, students learn not only the basic technique but also the correct phrasing of words within both styles of dance. Students learn that working together as a team and helping each other is the most important thing in the studio.

Junior & Senior classes are taught ballet and tap in alternative weeks throughout the term. As this class is aimed at ages 7+ we strive to build  technique, confidence and help students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. We encourage students to try harder movements and perform more structured routines, however the emphasis is still very much upon having fun. 

Our Adult class like all of our classes, are aimed at having fun in a social enviroment! In this class students begin by learning the basic movements, consecutive weeks involve building upon these movements to a higher standards. Not only do you learn to dance, but you make friends whilst doing so.

Pre Primary is aimed at 3-4/5yrs, this class teaches the basic ballet & tap technique. In this class your little ones will learn to be fairy princesses, whilst working with one another to build a magical kingdom. An emphasis is placed upon building friendship and working with one another,